Epigel® is an innovative patch for advanced wound care that should be used to treat different kinds of lesion (i.e. general wounds, vascular, diabetic and pressure ulcers as well as not severe burns).
The core technology behind this product is represented by our patented highly biocompatible and bioactive hydrogel scaffold.
Key hallmarks of this product are represented by its mechanical characteristics and by its bioactivity, defined as the ability to direct wound healing. Hydrogel high hydrofilicity assure wound bed hydration, while the bioactive component could improve wound healing process, thus reducing healing time, along with stimulating a better quality of the new formed tissue, finally resulting in a significant increase in patients’ quality of life.
Epigel® wound dressing is sold in different sizes as an easy to use OTC solution for self medication, as well as to hospital and medical practitioners for difficult to heal wounds treatment.

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