Epinova Biotech is an innovative startup founded in 2011 as an academic spin off of the School of Medicine of the University of Eastern Piedmont “A. Avogadro”, Novara, Italy.

We can be considered a technological platform focused on biomaterials and tissue engineering research: we bring together the materials sciences with the biomedical experience of skin damages not only due to traumatic events, but also to everyday life exposure to environmental aggressions (i.e. smoke, smog, sun radiation, wind).
Our products portfolio and line of research are characterized by a unique core: bioactive hydrogel technology described in international patents owned by Epinova Biotech Srl..
Hydrogel base ( commercial name MANTO®) protects and hydrates intact skin altered by everyday life stresses, included mechanical one, while bioactive hydrogel (commercial name EPIGEL®) protects and hydrates wounded skin and improves healing process.
Wounds heal by a complex and articulate process but unfortunately, in some patients, healing process is delayed or even absent associated with metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes, vascular problems) negatively and strongly affecting person quality of life.

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